Current & Former Elected Officials:

Senator Will Smith
Delegate David Moon
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins
County Councilmember Evan Glass
County Councilmember Tom Hucker
Former Mayor Bruce Williams
Former City Councilmember Rizzy Qureshi

Ward 3 Residents:

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
David Blockstein
Amy Carroll
Ashley Evans
Christina Fitzpatrick
Hellen Gelband
Nathaniel Giddings
Jordie and Kimberlee Cook Hannum
Mary Beth Hastings
Allison and David Holden
Jay and Anna Keller
Liz Keyes
Linda Kolko
Howard Kohn
Brianna Maley and Neal Cohen
Randy Marks
Lyssia Merriman
Lucy Moore
Bruce Moyer
Amber and Aaron Rieke
Wren Rogers
Susan Rosenblum
Lori Severens
Noila Sorenson
Elizabeth Thompson
Sean and Linda Tipton
Jeffrey Trunzo and Herman Goodyear
Marlana Valdez
Ashley Ward
Paul and Jenee Weeda
Lois Wessel
LaMonte Wyche

What People Are Saying

“Kacy always seems to be prepared. She perhaps the most accessible politician I’ve met (and met and met). She responds quickly to my emails (and there are a lot) and to emails on the WACO listserv, and her responses are accurate and helpful.  Even when we disagree, I am confident she has heard me.  She is an outstanding Councilmember, and we are lucky to have her.”

Randy Marks

“Kacy is an effective environmental leader, leading the Council’s efforts on protecting our urban forest and cutting greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.”

David Blockstein, Ph.D.

“I’ve come to appreciate Kacy’s committed  willingness to stand for us… her Ward 3 neighbors. Equally as important, she is a decent, bright, family-focused  young woman who is determined, who is proactive, who is data-driven, and who is willing to fight for what is right, as opposed to placating. Accordingly, it is within this context that  I endorse enthusiastically, without any reservations, her 2020 Ward 3 candidacy for re-election.”

LaMonte Wyche

“Kacy has been a tireless and effective advocate for Takoma Park on transportation and pedestrian safety issues. As the city’s representative on the regional Transportation Planning Board, she has supported public transit and opposed the expansion of 495 and 270. Takoma Park residents know the value of working with other government entities on big issues like transportation policy and Kacy is a well-respected voice for our community.

Honorable Kathy Porter (Former Mayor, TPB Member, & WMATA Board Member)

“Councilmember Kostiuk has established herself as an attentive listener, and she actively solicits input and participation by Ward 3 residents. Under her leadership, significant safety improvements important to Ward 3 residents along busy streets like Carroll Avenue and Eastern Avenue have been initiated.”

Jeffrey Trunzo

“Kacy is an insightful City Councilmember. She is wise, responsive, good at researching, and an engaged part of the community.  I trust that she will advocate for the community’s many needs with balance, intelligence, and compassion.”

Elizabeth Thompson

“Kacy has been a great advocate for our community and the city. She’s always been very responsive to any and all issues raised by community members. She works tirelessly to advance policies that make Takoma Park a better place to live.”

Noila Sorenson

“Kacy is everything you would want in a representative. She actively seeks constituent feedback about matters before the City Council. She is thoughtful about her positions, clear in explaining them, and willing to listen and consider alternative views. Plus she’s a ray of sunshine and a hard worker.”

Christina Fitzpatrick

“If all elected officials were a bit more like Kacy, the world would be a better place.”

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

“Kacy’s a leader who listens and cares, and has ideas to make Takoma Park (and beyond) a better place.”

Hellen Gelband

“Anna and I wanted to urge other Ward 3 residents to support  the re-election of Kacy Kostiuk to Takoma Park City Council. We have witnessed Kacy’s thoughtful work on our behalf at Council meetings, at community events and in one-on-one meetings around town. She brings a sensitivity and respect for differing opinions to the council. We have been impressed by the way she looks at all sides on issues before making a decision and explains why she made a particular decision. She has been an excellent communicator, sharing critical information with all her ward 3 constituents. We are lucky to have Kacy to represent us. With enthusiasm, we will strongly support her re-election. “

Jay and Anna Keller

“Councilmember Kostiuk brings perspectives to City leadership which are representative of many residents and helpful for making policy decisions. As a representative with a young family, she understands the challenges facing families with children during the pandemic.The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Herman Goodyear

“I am happy to endorse Kacy Kostiuk for another term as my Ward 3 Councilmember for the City of Takoma Park.  Kacy is smart, thoughtful, and diplomatic.  Kacy analyzes the issues and always provides us with an explanation of how she came to her decision. She is not rigid and  encourages others to provide different points of view before making her decision. I appreciate Kacy’s conscientious representation of our Ward on the Takoma Park City Council. Therefore, I am proud to give Kacy my full support for re-election.”

Linda Kolko