We have achieved a lot together during the past three years. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to address the some of most pressing issues of our time: racial equity, affordability, climate change, and more.

Throughout all my work, I have prioritized communication with you because I believe the only way we can make a positive difference and achieve lasting change is through collaboration, listening to one another, and working together.

Affordability & Workforce Development

  • Supported the creation a COVID-19 Fund with monies from FY20 and an additional $400,000+ from FY21 to ensure residents and small businesses receive emergency assistance and support, and advocated for the inclusion of workforce development programs among other plans
  • Adopted the Housing & Economic Development Strategic Plan, which outlines a strategic coordinated approach to reaching our goal of ensuring every resident has safe, high quality, affordable housing through preserving, producing, and protecting housing and business resources
  • Created a new partnership with WorkSource Montgomery to provide new opportunities in Takoma Park job training and certification for residents


  • Supported adoption of budgets that provided strong social services and programming to advance our community’s priorities, while maintaining a tax rate of no more than Constant Yield Plus ECI (inflation index)
  • Advocated for changes to make budget information more accessible and allow for comparison of expenditures across years
  • Worked with staff, residents, and other members of the Council to implement a time-on-task pilot program
  • Sought resident input through Ward 3 Budget Surveys and followed up with thorough explanations about how I voted on each item and why (see here for FY21 information)

Communication & Outreach

  • Wrote and distributed weekly emails with detailed information about upcoming votes and detailed descriptions of positions
  • Collaborated with several neighborhood associations to “restart” regular meetings and create greater connections between residents, City Council, and City staff
  • Created new outreach initiatives such as meetings with elementary school PTAs, playdates, and outreach on the school playground
  • Held regular “office hours” to connect with residents one-on-one
  • Worked with City staff to add information to the City website to improve transparency and make it easier for residents to find details about projects
  • Connected Ward 3 residents with Ward 6 residents and small businesses by organizing a Crossroads Business Tour to increase awareness about businesses experiencing financial challenges from Purple Line Construction

Climate & Sustainability

  • Declared a climate change emergency and passed a groundbreaking climate emergency action resolution outlining a framework for climate action in the city
  • Led the effort to include robust transportation initiatives in the City’s Climate Action Plan
  • Led the creation and adoption of the city’s first-ever Tree Canopy Goals and the revision of the Tree Ordinance to make it more streamlined, racially equitable, and holistic

Policing & Community Safety

  • Worked with police to improve police-community connections and begin the process of rethinking public safety for racial justice and equity
  • Advocated for a change in the reporting of traffic crash data that ensured all Takoma Park data is now included with Montgomery County’s data for more transparent, thorough, and easier analysis

Racial Equity

  • Advocated for additions to planning processes such as the Climate Action Plan and Library Renovation plans to improve racial equity, and ensured the inclusion of plans to revise the City’s traffic calming request and new sidewalk request policies in the Council Priorities to make them more racially equitable
  •  Advocated for the development of racial equity statement and consideration process on the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board
  • Advocated for the renaming of streets and parks named after Confederate and other historical figures whose actions do not represent the values of our community today
  • Attended numerous trainings and meetings to grow and develop anti-racism skills as a leader, as well as discuss ways other municipalities are improving racial equity — including the National League of Cities Racial Equity Training, the Government Alliance on Racial Equity training, and the local What’s My Bias training


  • Advocated for and ensured the re-establishment of a city committee focused on safe and environmentally-friendly transportation (Complete Safe Streets Committee)
  • Represented the city on the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board and Chaired the TPB’s Access for All Committee. In these roles, I led opposition to MDOT’s plans to expand 495 and 270, advocated for changes to a safety resolution to ensure racial equity, raised concerns related to ADA accessibility, coordinated with area agencies to ensure safer dockless e-scooter programs, and opposed a major bridge construction project that did not provide adequate bike facilities
  • Advocated for SHA to make improvements to roadways in the city to improve conditions for pedestrians, especially due to Purple Line construction
  • Advocated for and ensured the inclusion of plans to pursue a Vision Zero or similar initiative in the City Council’s Priorities, and served on the Montgomery County Vision Zero Equity Committee