As a City Councilmember, Kacy strives to:

Increase Community Engagement and Outreach

  • Hold regular face-to-face meetings with Ward 3 residents (coffee hours, neighborhood gatherings, and meetings at local parks)
  • Create an online clearinghouse of information that enables residents to better understand and follow ongoing initiatives, and learn about upcoming events
  • Provide police training and promote a policing approach that embraces cooperation and collaboration at the neighborhood level, including a focus on racial issues and working with people who have  mental illness

Create a More Walkable, Safe Community

  • Advocate for a comprehensive transportation plan that encourages walking, biking, and use of public transportation
  • Improve existing sidewalks and add new sidewalks to make the streets safer, particularly for children and people with disabilities
  • Improve collaboration between the City, County, and State, as well as utility companies and neighboring jurisdictions, so that projects and repairs occur more quickly and in accordance with the City’s vision

Grow the City in a Responsible, Directed Way

  • Support development that improves the quality of life, is environmentally responsible, bolsters local businesses, and offers opportunities for residents to come together
  • Support efforts to increase the availability of affordable high-quality childcare and preschool in our community
  • Bolster development and innovation along the New Hampshire Ave commercial corridor

Build a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Community

  • Build upon the existing racial equity initiative by seeking more input from people of color and setting up discussion groups for staff, councilmembers, and committee members
  • Seek to incorporate affordable housing into new development and create new housing initiatives, as well as seek to maintain affordability for all Takoma Park residents
  • Provide more opportunities for members of our diverse community to engage in meaningful ways

Protect the Environment

  • Encourage walking, biking, and public transportation use through infrastructure improvements and incentives
  • Consider new standards to reduce the environmental impacts of light pollution